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Innovate while you work

In Innovation, Life, Productivity, Work on January 8, 2010 at 7:35 pm

When I joined my present company, I was a part of a team. My team included two HRs, few web-designers, few developers and testers along with a team leader and a project manager, like any team in a typical IT company.  Most of the things were handled in an unplanned way and the To-Do list was just a messed up list. No deadlines, no targets and sometimes no tasks clearly defined. Staff just looked tired and occupied by fatigue due to lack of interest. Our boss often commented: “Don’t do donkey work”, but the staff didn’t follow and continued with their donkey work.

I started finding ways to try to improve the way we collaborate and the way other things were handled in our office. I wanted to simplify things and make work interesting for me and others too. While coming and leaving office, ideas filled my mind and I started thinking of a concept, I named: Innovation at Work.

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Doing what needs to be done.

In Productivity, Work on June 18, 2009 at 5:27 am

I noted few points on my diary to review them when I start my day. I got printed these lines and hanged them in my office in a location where I can see it often.

Am I too occupied in a task that need not be done at all?

Am I neglecting tasks that need urgent attention?

How productive I am today? Am I able to put less effort and gain more?

Am I absorbed in thoughts that have no relevance in my life?

Am I giving space only to positive thoughts in my mind?

Am I fit today in terms of body, mind and soul?

Am I speaking less and doing more?

Am I polite enough to reflect professionalism?

What I am doing today to improve this day of my life?

Whenever I take any task in my hand, I first question myself:

Is it the right task that I am putting my valuable time and effort to accomplish it? It needs to be done at all or not?

I have seen improvement since the time I started questioning. The essence is to do the right things at the right time.