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Innovate while you work

In Innovation, Life, Productivity, Work on January 8, 2010 at 7:35 pm

When I joined my present company, I was a part of a team. My team included two HRs, few web-designers, few developers and testers along with a team leader and a project manager, like any team in a typical IT company.  Most of the things were handled in an unplanned way and the To-Do list was just a messed up list. No deadlines, no targets and sometimes no tasks clearly defined. Staff just looked tired and occupied by fatigue due to lack of interest. Our boss often commented: “Don’t do donkey work”, but the staff didn’t follow and continued with their donkey work.

I started finding ways to try to improve the way we collaborate and the way other things were handled in our office. I wanted to simplify things and make work interesting for me and others too. While coming and leaving office, ideas filled my mind and I started thinking of a concept, I named: Innovation at Work.

But how and what to innovate? Read the rest of this entry »


7 things I learned very late

In Life, Self-Improvement on November 8, 2009 at 1:29 pm

The value and result of any life is directly proportional to the utilization of time and attitude. Certain situations force me to delve inside my own self to retrospect. I question, this could’ve been better at that time? This could’ve been avoided? While there is no sense crying over spilt milk, but the reason to look back is to teach myself that timing is all that matters. Some things can be controlled and improved lately, whereas some things go beyond our reach and you just can’t revert back the pages to re-attempt.

I extracted seven lessons from that big pile of mistakes I did till date. Below is the list of all those things that could’ve changed my life altogether: Read the rest of this entry »