15 principles for a powerful personality

In Personality on June 24, 2009 at 8:36 pm

(1) Speak when necessary

The more you speak the more you will appear common and less in control. Speak when it is necessary and scrutinize your words before.

(2) Be brief with your conversation

Don’t extend your conversation unnecessarily. Try to conclude as soon as possible.

(3) Guard your reputation

Always attempt diligently to keep yourself clean. Never perform such actions that stains your reputation.

(4) Remain honest

Be honest with yourself. This way you will enhance your reputation.

(5) Overcome shyness

Don’t see here and there when someone is talking to you. See directly in the eyes of the next person and remain confident. When you sit and when you walk, don’t allow shyness to hide your smartness.

(6) Don’t be commonly available

The more you are easily available to others the more common you appear. Maintain your identity as a busy person.

(7) Avoid the company of the cheap and the fools

When you want to know a person, see his company. Always remain in the circle of the wise and the powerful. Avoid the cheap and the fools as they steals away your reputation.

(8) Be generous but don’t get over involved

Help the poor and the needy but don’t get over involved in their personal life. Over involvement makes you cheap and you will soon find yourself surrounded with their emotions that may affect your life. Help from the outside.

(9) Dress neatly

A shabbily dressed never attracts respect. First impression is the last impression. Dress neatly and smartly and you will attract attention.

(10) Don’t forget gratitude

Never ever forget the power of gratitude. The wise and the powerful know its strength. Gratitude adds to your reputation.

(11) Perform without fail what you resolve

Always try to keep your resolution. The more you keep your promise the more powerful and respected you appear.

(12) Keep yourself fit and healthy

The sick and the weak never attracts power. Therefore, try your best to keep your body fit and healthy. Eat to live and not live to eat.

(13) Walk confidently

When you walk, don’t bend your shoulders and appear like a camel. Walk like a lion and remain confident.

(14) Live a balanced life

Extreme of anything is harmful. Give proper time to all sections of your life. Your body, mind and soul must also get equal attention.

(15) Don’t forget politeness

It is said that politeness is the ornament of the wise and the powerful. In power, don’t forget politeness. It adds to your respect.


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