Living a less distracted life.

In Productivity on June 23, 2009 at 3:34 pm

Distraction in life comes in different flavors. Technology distraction is also one of them. Studies have shown that we are more productive when we do single-tasking and not multi-tasking. We are built for single-tasking. There is a huge amount of energy drain when we give place to all types of distraction during work.

· How many times you check your mail in a day?

· How often you submit your status on to any social site?

· How often you send SMS?

· How often you make a call that is not urgent?

· How long you extend your telephone calls?

· How many hours you waste on any social networking site?

I had a habit of sending frequent messages using my mobile phone. Later this habit became a nuisance. My entire conversations were happening through SMS and it took hours to reach the conclusion. The conversation that could have ended up in minutes with a telephone call, extended to an hour with messaging. It did not yield a good result. Often the other person misunderstood what I said via messaging. This habit resulted in another side-effect. Another sub-habit of checking cell phone screen often to convince myself that I had not missed any message. I lost concentration and peace of mind altogether. This habit of peeping on my cell phone screen distracted me often during work. I didn’t recognize that I was also giving strain to my body unnecessarily. I was continuously using my right thumb many times in a minute to type a message. The idea to eliminate this bad habit popped when the outgoing service of my cell phone stopped when I forgot to pay the bill. Few hours without messaging and calls relaxed me, though I was feeling something in my right thumb. I made a firm decision to get rid of this distraction and other similar ones. I followed some steps to eliminate this habit and quite satisfied with the result. Below I am giving the same techniques that I followed. You can use them and even refine it further to live a least distracted life.

1. Don’t involve yourself too much in any technology or gadget unless you truly recognize the significance of it in your life. Awareness of any technology is good, little working knowledge is an added advantage but addiction without any outcome is a nuisance. You are loosing your valuable time, energy and peace of mind.
2. If you enjoy internet surfing, allot a certain amount of time but don’t surrender your entire day.
3. If you are not in a profession where you get frequent e-mails, check e-mail once a day.
4. Be brief in your conversation. Don’t extend your telephonic conversation unnecessarily.
5. Avoid stress as much as you can. Unknowingly, you are putting stress on your body and draining energy by just using your thumb for frequent messages.
6. Keep your cell phones away when going to sleep. Don’t play with the cell phone and wait for the sleep. Read a good book instead.
7. Unless very urgent, don’t pick calls while you are driving.
8. To start with, turn off your phone and keep other gadgets away. Devote at least one hour without these technology distractions and dive into your inner-self.

If you want to be productive, practice a least distracted life. Utilize the technology to simplify your life not to complicate it further. Distraction is a type of complication without pain. Pick what is useful and brings a positive change in your life but don’t become addicted.


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